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I have learned from various documentaries, etc…, that Walmart, McDonalds, et al, pay less than $9.00/hour to their employees, because that is the de jure minimum wage. They have been able to hold this “minimum” so low because of their great influence in Washington, D.C. They thereby do NOT pay a true living wage to their employees, who must therefore apply for food stamps, food projects, medicaid, free clinics, etc.., for their bare bones survival, if they are able to survive for long. Since the de facto (true) minimum wage is at least $12.00/hour, the U.S. taxpayers are in effect being taxed to pay WELFARE to Walmart’s, McDonalds’, et al, underpaid workers, in the form of these food stamps, Medicaid, etc… One could consider these practices by these businesses to be a form of modern slavery, especially since no other job may be available, and since there are plenty of replacements.

Furthermore, “Dan Rather Reports” showed a quite credible report regarding workers at unsafe Walmart warehouses, who when injured, or killed (?), were easily replaced by the company, with no remorse. I personally know of a Walmart Greeter who was an outstanding greeter – the best – for 9 or so years but was soon abruptly let go, with no severance pay, pension, etc.., after not being able to stand at the door any longer, because of an illness/injury. (Petoskey Walmart knows who this woman is, but she doesn’t know I’m writing this about her!)

I worked in Germany, a truly civilized & intelligent country, for over 25 years. Because of her strong unions & intelligent leadership in the government, management/ownership, & the unions, the German worker/employee is provided with a fair deal!!!! The German employee’s standard of living & living conditions are sky high above that of the average American worker, & that is really sad, since we are the richest country in the world, but perhaps also the greediest & cruelest. (BTW, I also lived in Japan almost 2 years & though they have their own methods, the result is virtually the same as in Germany!)

Shame, shame, Walmart; shame, shame America!

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We, the hourly Associates, are the life-blood of Walmart. Our company is stronger because of the values we embrace – a strong work ethic, compassion for one another and honesty. Yet we are not treated with the respect we deserve. The fundamental desire to be shown respect is what led us to join together as OUR Walmart – an organization of Walmart Associates, by Walmart Associates, for Walmart Associates. We are one Organization United for Respect at Walmart. 

OUR Walmart’s purpose is to help Walmart employees as individuals or groups in their dealings with Walmart over labor rights and standards and their efforts to have Walmart publically commit to adhering to labor rights and standards.  OUR Walmart has no intent to have Walmart recognize or bargain with it as the representative of Walmart employees.

  • One of Sam Walton’s rules for building a successful business was, “Listen to everyone in your company and figure out ways to get them talking.” We are following that winning philosophy. However, too many of us do not have a true voice at our stores. Our concerns about providing the highest quality customer care and about making our jobs, quality jobs are ignored. Walmart should celebrate our initiative, and listen to our concerns.
  • We are the foundation of the quality service and value Walmart provides its customers. Walmart should honor the hard work and humanity of Associates by living up to Mr. Sam’s promise of “respect for the individual.”
  • Associates who assert their freedom of association frequently face retribution from the company. Walmart should allow Associates to freely join OUR Walmart without fear of negative company action.
  • Associates who have tried to utilize Walmart’s Open Door have found that their issues are not resolved and confidentiality is not respected. Walmart should ensure confidentiality in the Open Door and provide associates with a written resolution to issues that are brought up and always allow associates to bring a co-worker as a witness.
  • Walmart publicly claims that pay for full-time Associates averages more than $13 per hour in some communities, when in truth most of us work for less than $10 per hour and are only scheduled for part-time hours, making it difficult to support our families. Walmart should follow through on its public statements and publically commit to pay at least $13 per hour and to expand the percentage of full-time workers.
  • Our schedules are often irregular and inflexible making it difficult to care for our families. Walmart should publically commit to making scheduling more predictable and dependable.
  • Too many of us are unable to access Walmart’s health care because it is too expensive or we lack the hours to qualify. Walmart should publically commit to expanding health care coverage and to continue to work to expand coverage when health reform goes into effect, rather than taking advantage of loopholes in the law to deny coverage.
  •  Too often Associates are faced with retaliation when speaking out about issues at work. Walmart should publically commit to honoring  our  fundamental right to freedom of speech and to  adhering to company policies that support dialogue and resolution.
  • Walmart’s management often chooses to enforce written policies only when it is in their own interest, leaving Associates guessing proper protocol. Walmart should publically commit to doing  more to ensure managers are properly trained on how to evenly and equitably enforce Walmart’s written policies at all times and to provide all Associates with a policy manual.
  • Too many of us have been denied equal treatment. Walmart should publically commit to adopting  affirmative policies that secure full access to opportunity and equal treatment to all Associates regardless of gender identity, race, disability, sexual orientation, or age.
  • We know our company has an impact around the globe in terms of its standards and practices. Walmart should publically commit to requiring  that suppliers and stores around the globe operate with the highest standards and ensure that workers’ freedom to associate is respected.
  • Far too many of us have to rely on government assistance for our basic needs. Walmart should publically commit to providing  wages and benefits that ensure that no Associate has to rely on government assistance.

We envision a future in which our company treats us, the Associates of Walmart, with respect. We envision a world where we succeed in our careers, our company succeeds in business, our customers receive great service and value, and Walmart and Associates share all of these goals. And finally, we  ask that Walmart publically commit to following Mr. Sam’s rule: “Share your profits with all your Associates, and treat them as partners.”

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Q: If you are a current or former associate, what store did/do you work at? (Optional)
A: Petoskey Walmart, but please don’t use my name for that as I was depressed at the time I was working there 7 may have a not so good evaluation (was a Greeter)!


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